An explainer video is a very short animated video, usually between 1 to 3 minutes, used to introduce a project, company, website or product. The explainer video is usually done in a cartoon style. Som explainer videos have voice-over narration.

UsableDesign, a creative whiteboard & explainer video agency that has an in-depth understanding of branding, digital marketing, and user experience. Our experienced whiteboard & explainer video team will work with you to deliver a unique whiteboard & explainer videos. Our high-quality whiteboard & explainer video services are both affordable and professional.

Our designers have years of experience in whiteboard & explainer video aspects of design work. We offer an all-inclusive whiteboard & explainer video design packages that work as a one-stop advantage for small businesses.

Whiteboard & Explainer Video – Types

  • Whiteboard Video
  • 2D Animated Explainer Video
  • Kinetic Typography Video
  • RSA Animation Style Video

Benefits of Whiteboard & Explainer Video Services

Big brands such as Dropbox, GoDaddy, and eBay relies upon well-designed and scripted animated explainer videos to communicate their brand promise and grab their audience attention. A whiteboard and explainer video, when nicely done, can result in increased engagement, and more sales. From professional script to voice-over to storyboard, we can take care of the complete video production process for your business. Videos are produced in HD format with the best bit rate optimization and video animation for seamless video experience.

Whether you want to make a political statement or to get investors to fund your startup business, a whiteboard explainer video can accomplish the goal of inspiring people to take a desirable action. We have experienced voice-over talents in several English dialects such as American, Australian, Canadian, and British. In addition, we can also produce your video with a voice-over in 5 major languages i.e., English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese.

Next Steps

UsableDesign is a reliable design agency for your whiteboard & explainer video needs. Contact us to discuss your whiteboard & explainer video requirements. Our expert team is ready to answer any questions you may have.